About Me

Hi there! 👋

I’m a masters computer science student at the University of Minnesota advised by Favonia. I currently work as a software engineer at Swoop Search, and I’ve worked at AWS and SIFT in the past. My computing-related interests lie in programming language design and formal verification, systems security, cryptography, and distributed systems.


Currently, I’m learning about cubical type theory. I’ll probably write some blog posts as I learn more. My advisor is Favonia.

University Involvement

I also love to participate in computing related student groups at the University of Minnesota. Here’s some of the groups that I’m involved with:

Previously, I was also involved with:

Open-source Projects

Some of the projects I’ve been working on in my free time include:

More can be found on this page or my public Gitea.

I’ve also started making an increased effort at using and supporting FOSS, and other software that’re not predatory towards users. As a part of this effort, I’m also self-hosting and rewriting some of the services and software that I use regularly. Find out what I’m using here.


I’m also an avid rhythm game player and beatmap creator, mostly involved with the free-to-play game osu!. Check out some of my beatmaps on my osu! userpage.

I also enjoy playing badminton at the rec.