This is a curated list of projects I do outside of work for fun. Find the full list on my Gitea profile.

Research Projects

Projects that have a large research component compared to software development.

Ag TestA small toy attribute grammar.pythonincomplete
Coq-SSHAttempt at formally verifying SSH protocol through Coq.coq, ocamlincomplete
EnterpriseStatically-compiled interactive programs like Svelte.rustprototype

Learning Projects

Software development projects used to gain more experience with a particular set of existing technologies.

rsldA parallel rust linker.rustincomplete
asciinemaReimplementation of the terminal recorder asciinema.rustmvp

Utility Projects

Software that I developed to solve a very specific problem or to make something useful for myself.

PanoramaMail client.rustincomplete
LeanshotLinux screen capture tool.rustworks
GarbageCLI interface to the FreeDesktop Trash Can API.rustworks
MarkoutExtracts code blocks for a particular language out of Markdown.rustworks


Projects that I did for fun or don't really fit in one of the categories above.

CryptopalsMy solutions to the cryptopals solution, for learning Common Lispcommon-lispincomplete

Old Projects

Software I wrote in the past and won't be updating.

EasyCTF IV PlatformCTF platform for EasyCTF.pythongraveyarded